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If you're here for the heart opening, soul healing, and pleasure filled living, you're in the right place. Guided Awakenings has always had the intention to guide you through your spiritual, sensual, and souful awakenings with grace and love.

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Guiding women to reclaim their power, passion, pleasure, & purpose

Integrated Healing

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In this session, we will combine energy work, aroma therapy, crystal vibration, breath work, sound healing, intuitive downloads from spirit, tarot card pulls and more. Each session is custom build to your spirits needs. A full energetic cleanse is done releasing what is no longer in alignment. Reiki healing to bring harmony and increase your vibration. You will leave feeling refreshed and aligned.
Affirmations centered around your growth will be built off of session.

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Dive into your personal alignment and work deeply with me 1:1.
We will custom build your inspired action plan. This work is deep—we will dive into releasing shame and old stories. We will reclaim your power together. We will shed layers & integrate parts of you that you have been pushing away. We will work with the law of attraction, neuroscience to break free of mental blocks, your ego and higher self, EFT, and energy work. My trauma informed approach allows you to come home to yourself safely. We will take inspired action outside of our container to apply this to your life.
Change within and watch your environment and life shift to meet that vibration.

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Somatic Therapy 

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Sliding scale

Somatic therapy is designed to help individuals clear their minds and connect to their bodies, and it is helpful because it combines mindfulness, grounding techniques, and traditional talk therapy.

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"The space that Jereann holds for her clients is unlike anything I've ever experienced. Her energy is warm & compassionate. She's helped me heal and move forward in ways I didn't think were possible."

- kelsey

"Jereann is such a force to behold. Not only are her gifts spot on, but you can feel her heart expand for you with every reading. She has brought me peace, love, and a better understanding of myself & the universe."

- christina