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Welcome, healer. So honored you've chosen me to be your Soul Guide as you open up to your gifts and step into your light. Below you'll find my offerings that help you blossom into the healer you're meant to be.


Dive into your personal alignment and work deeply with me 1:1.
We will custom build your inspired action plan. This work is deep—we will dive into releasing shame and old stories. We will reclaim your power together. We will shed layers & integrate parts of you that you have been pushing away. We will work with the law of attraction, neuroscience to break free of mental blocks, your ego and higher self, EFT, and energy work. My trauma informed approach allows you to come home to yourself safely. We will take inspired action outside of our container to apply this to your life.
Change within and watch your environment and life shift to meet that vibration.

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Healer's Circle

Join a community of healer's biweekly dedicated to learning, growing, evolving, and lifting each other up. Jere-Ann holds space the first session of the month and creates space for a guest healer to be seen and heard the second session of the month. We explore everything from shadow work, journaling, and meditation to crystal healing, breathwork, and ecstatic dance. If you're committed to expanding your heart and your community, I invite you to join us. If you're interested in teaching during an upcoming Healer's Circle, please email Jere-Ann at

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Reiki Attunements

The healing power of Reiki is like nothing many have ever experienced. Reiki is the channeling and flowing of life force energy, prana, chi, from the divine into the human vessel. I offer Level I, II, and Reiki Master attunements. I am a Usui Reiki Master and have attuned hundreds of lightworkers since becoming a Reiki Master. If you're wanting to live more in the present moment, more in peace, and more in balance register for one of my upcoming Reiki Attunement classes.

Reiki Level I

Reiki Level II

Reiki Master


Community is everything—virtually and in person! That's why I offer a variety of other magical services & events for lightworkers to deepen in connection & improve their craft. If you're feeling called to meet others in the industry and learn about new healing modalities you can add to your toolbox, sign up for one of my upcoming events.

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"The space that Jereann holds for her clients is unlike anything I've ever experienced. Her energy is warm & compassionate. She's helped me heal and move forward in ways I didn't think were possible."

- kelsey

"Jereann is such a force to behold. Not only are her gifts spot on, but you can feel her heart expand for you with every reading. She has brought me peace, love, and a better understanding of myself & the universe."

- christina

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