You Belong

Spiritual Mentor+Speaker
Somatic Work

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You've arrived at my virtual altar for a reason, love. Offering a variety of healing modalities such as tarot, reiki, and oracle readings, I help others to reclaim their power and open up to their intuition. I love guiding women and couples to shed their shame, heal their trauma, and integrate more communication & expression of their needs and wants into their lives. Pleasure is a birth right, babe! My mission is to hold space for my clients to see their wholeness lean into the parts of self they have been programmed to fix. And live a life they deserve. While learning sustainable practices that can better their life.

Heal the parts of your story that are keeping you from living your most aligned life

Welcome babe,

So what is it that I actually do?

I get asked this often. I am a energy healer who is certified trauma informed. I guide others to reclaim their power and heal parts of their story that are holding them back from living a life of alignment. I integrate different modalities into my practice. But trust me, if you landed on this page there is a reason. Always feel comfortable to reach out and ask questions or just to say hello! I love connecting with other heart-centered souls.

with love,