Jere-Ann Wagner

Thank you for taking a moment to get to know me a bit more. I think it is really important to get to know who you are working with or interested in diving deep with.

So hello. If you made it this far you know my name is Jere-Ann and I am a intuitive sex and soul guide.

We all have a story and our stories are powerful and full of hope and purpose. And also can be riddled with shame and pain. Its that light and dark good and bad. My time here on this spinning earth has been a really complex time. I have always been a empath and intuitive my entire life. Absorbing other peoples energies and pain as my own. It quickly manifested into depression at a very young age. I did anything I could to escape myself. Falling into patterns of disempowering sex, Iv drug use, homelessness, eating disorders and codependency. I had my power ripped from me sexually at the age of 18. I carried so much guilt and shame around that that it took me deeper into my addiction. I kept running from myself.

In 2012 I surrendered and decided it was time to reclaim my power and work on healing what I kept avoiding. The longer I stopped numbing out the more in tune to my body I became. And my intuition got stronger and louder. I learned to listen to it. I started diving into the law of attraction, Energy healing, Tarot and personal alignment. What worked for others was not working for me so out of that experience birthed guided awakenings. A space to heal your soul. A place to safely come back home to yourself. I wanted to learn all I could to hold the best space possible for others. So I invested in my education and have intuitive integrated practice where I hold space for trauma informed mentorship, energy healing, Mediumship, law of attraction, root work, subconscious mind work and embodiment.

I decided to become a sex coach in 2021 because sex brought me so much shame and after experiencing sexual abuse and rape, I never fully felt safe tapping into my sexual power. After being on my own healing journey that piece brought me so much freedom and passion that I knew I was also here to guide others through their own journey.

These are the things that changed my life.

My life is so not perfect, but I can honestly tell you I went from being homeless broken and hopeless to living a life that is abundant and beyond my wildest dreams. And the best part of it all is after years of rejecting myself or thinking I was broken. I accept and fully love myself. And that feels so aligned for me.

So if your ready to shed the shame and reclaim your power passion pleasure and purpose know I am here. I can love you till you love yourself and hold transformative space you assist you in your healing journey.

with love,

"I had to stop outsourcing love and learn to go within. It was time to come home to myself"



- jere-ann wagner



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Two beautiful boys call me Mamma. An amazing man calls me Wife. And friends who've become family call me Healer. I live in Indiana, Pennsylvania where I bathe in nature any chance I get, deepen in community with my sisters, & fiercely love my family.

Rose Quartz, for sure.

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